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J&FJ Baker Bridle Belt Blank


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J. & F.J. Baker & Co Ltd, are one of the last Oak Bark Tanneries that use traditional tanning techniques to deliver exceptionally high-quality English Bridle leather. Due to the durability and quality of leather that J.&F.J. Baker produces you will find their leather in a range of products, from shoes, equestrian and small leather goods.

Each hide that J.&F.J Baker produces is tanned for 12 months before it is then stained and dressed by hand, using the same techniques that have been implemented for many years prior. The characteristics of each hide will vary due to the Full Grain finish which means that you will never get two hides that are identical. Alongside this, the Full Grain finish will ensure that the leather will improve with age each developing their own patina.

We are offering belt blanks cut to a variety of sizes, each strap is cut from Bridle Butts meaning that they are the strongest and most durable part of the hide.

Sizes might vary depending on the hide, however, the average sizes and thickness are found below.
Belt blanks are 56in long with a 4.5-5.2mm thickness

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Dark Stain


1.5" (38mm), 1.6" (40mm)