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How It All Began

It all started two years ago on a typically British rainy evening where I found myself searching the Internet for ideas on what I could create my late Grandfather for his birthday. I stumbled across an Etsy listing for a Leather Ipad case and thought to myself that doesn’t look hard make. How nieve was I! Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my journey into the Leathercraft world. I found myself spending hours watching Youtube videos and searching forums for as much information on Leathercraft as I possibly could. After weeks of research, I finally built up the confidence to order a handful of tools, such as an edge bevel, a Japanese leather knife, leather dye, and a small side of vegetable-tanned leather.

I was like a child at Christmas when the packages finally arrived ripping the packaging off, however, I quickly realised I didn’t have a clue how I was going to make an Ipad sleeve. For a start, I was stumped by how you would measure the iPad to ensure a snug fit? Plus I wanted it to hold a detachable keyboard with doubled the width of the iPad while attached. I found myself learning from trial and error on my first few projects, learning from my mistakes and taking them forward onto the next project. The iPad sleeve turned out to be a success with my Grandfather really appreciating the gesture.

From the beginning, I always found it difficult to find quality supplies/tools here in the UK and also within Europe. When you do find them you realize that the minimum order qualities are too high to justify, and you end up not ordering them and limiting your experience/skills.

This is where the idea behind Linton Leathercraft Supplies was born. To enable my fellow crafters to easily access otherwise hard to source supplies.

At the start of 2020, the journey began, with months of preparations and planning Linton Leather has transformed into not only a leathercraft supplies store but also a leathercraft education hub. Offering Youtube build along with projects and detailed product reviews.

Thank you to all our past and future customers