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Dacon 0.1mm Self Adhesive Reinforcement


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Dacon is made from biodegradable polyester (Polycaprolactone) with one side covered in a strong self-adhesive. Dacon offers extreme strength and durability and as a result, you will find it commonly used in sail and kite repairs. While this isn’t at first something you would link with leather goods, it indeed shares the same principles we are often looking for in a reinforcement material.

It’s thin 0.1mm, strong and pliable. As a result, Dacon fits the needs of a reinforcement material perfectly, meaning it’s ideal for reinforcing leather card pockets or even being using as a lining in your leather projects.

Sold in panels of 37.5 x 100cm if you require additional then please multiply your purchase amount.

Eg if you would like to purchase 300cm then you would purchase 3 units.

Suggested Use 

  • Strengthen thin leathers and reduce stretch.
  • Help reduce the thickness of card pockets by replacing leather lining.