Premium Sharpening System


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The most important part of any craft that involves a blade is to ensure that it is kept razor sharp at all times. After all, a blunt blade is far more dangerous than a sharp blade. With our premium sharpening system, you are able to ensure your knives are kept at their best while minimizing the mess a traditional sharpening stone creates.

Our sharpening system is designed to hold strips (280x70mm) of high grit sandpaper taught using the locking mechanism as you pull your blade along the oxidized aluminum bed. Once you are happy with the results you simply replace the sandpaper with a higher grit and repeat until you get the perfect edge. On the rear of the system, you will find rubberized feet that ensure that you and the blade are safe and secure.

This system is a great replacement to your traditional sharpening stone or even an additional step to give you a higher level of finish.

It is important to remember to ensure you strop your blade after use to ensure you keep your edge.

Included in the package is a range of high grit sandpaper, however, you are able to easily replace these with your own when you are ready to do so.

Weight 1.27kg

Height 60mm

Depth 70mm

Length 285mm

Weight 1.30 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 7 × 6 cm