Seiwa – Tokonole Burnishing Gum

Seiwa Tokonole Burnishing Gum in 120g & 500g pots. Developed in Japan by Seiwa, Tokonole has developed a name for its self as the premium edge burnishing agent.


Tokonole is a non-toxic water-based burnishing agent, used and loved by many leathercrafters across the world. Developed and manufactured by Seiwa in Japan Tokonole is often referred to as the premier edge burnishing product.

Tokonole acts as a replacement to traditional water burnishing by reducing the heat generated. This, in turn, helps you maintain a more natural edge by preventing discoloration and edge burn. Combine this with the correct technique and you will have an edge to be proud of.

Seiwa has developed three colour options clear, black and brown, with clear being the more natural of the three as it contains no colour pigments or dye. By using the black or brown option you are able to reduce the need to add additional edge dye to your work.

Along with edge burnishing, Tokonole gum can also be used to smooth the flesh side of your leather giving your piece a smooth and professional look.


Weight N/A

Clear, Black, Brown


120g, 500g