SYSTEM S+U Saddler’s Harness Needles #7 Pack Of 10

#7 System S+U Saddlers Harness Needles A Perfect Match For Fine Thread


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Made from stainless steel and paired with a consistent thickness of 0.7mm this needle makes it an ideal replacement if you are wanting to work with finer threads. With the spherical tip, you will find it hard to damage your work, especially important when working on fine leather goods.

The number 7 Harness Needle by SYSTEM S+U is a perfect partner for MBT #20 thread due to its ideal thread thickness of 0.35-4mm.

Each pack includes 10 needles

7# 0.7mm(diameter), 42mm(length) Thread Thickness 0.35-0.4mm

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 4 × 0.1 × 0.1 cm