SYSTEM S+U Saddler’s Harness Needles Pack Of 10

System S+U Saddlers Harness Needles available in a range of sizes to match either your thread thickness or your preferred needle size. Please use the size chart below to select the correct needle size for your needs.


Made from stainless steel and manufactured in Germany to exceptional standards System S+U needles are known to be some of the best in the industry. You will find that both industry leaders and hobbyists alike recommend System S+U Saddler’s Harness Needles, you will find these in most workshops.

Available in a range of sizes to match either your thread thickness or your preferred needle size. Many leathercrafters will have a selection of different size needles that are designed to work with different thicknesses of threads. This allows you to have a more consistent stitch while saddle stitching as you are putting less stress onto your leather and thus less likely to stretch your stitching holes.

Along with selecting the correct needle size, it’s important to remember that System S+U Saddler’s Harness Needles have a spherical tip that will help you reduce potential damage to your leather, this is especially important when working on fine leather goods. It is important to remember tho that the #7 953-7 needle has the sharpest tip of the range and while is best suited for fine leatherwork its also requires a careful eye.

If you require an extra rounded tip we offer a range of System S+U needles with extra round tips, these are marked with RUND in the product description.

Sold in packs of 10 needles

Size Guide

# Model Lenght Thickness Ø Recommended Thread Thickness
#4/0 953-4/0 80mm 1.40mm 0.80mm+
#2/0 953-2/0 70mm 1.25mm 0.70mm+
#1 953-1 60mm 1.10mm 0.60mm ~ 0.65mm
#1-RUND 953-1-RUND 60mm 1.10mm 0.60 ~ 65mm
#2 953-2 56mm 1.00mm 0.50 ~ 55mm
#3 953-3 54mm 0.90mm 0.45 ~ 50mm
#3-RUND 953-3-RUND 54mm 0.90mm 0.45 ~ 50mm
#4 953-4 48mm 0.90mm 0.45mm
#5 953-5 48mm 0.80mm 0.40 ~ 0.45mm
#5-RUND 953-5-RUND 48mm 0.80mm 0.40 ~ 0.45mm
#6 953-6 42mm 0.80mm 0.40mm
#7 953-7 42mm 0.70mm 0.30 ~ 0.35mm

If you are looking to match our MBT SuperSew Thread to your needle choice please use the guide bellow

MBT Thread Guide

MBT Thread System S+U Needle
#0 953-4, 953-5, 953-5RUND, 953-0/2, 953-0/4, 953-1
#5 0.60mm 953-1,953-1RUND,953-3, 953-4, 953-5, 953-5RUND
#8 0.45mm 953-3, 953-3RUND, 953-4, 953-5, 953-5RUND
#20 953-6, 953-7
Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 4 × 0.1 × 0.1 cm

#4/0 953-4/0, #2/0 953-2/0, #1 953-1, #1RUND 953-1RUND, #2 953-2, #3 953-3, #3RUND 953-3RUND, #4 953-4, #5 953-5, #5RUND 953-5RUND, #6 953-6, #7 953-7