Swivel Lobster Snap (Clip) Nickel Plated – Essentials

Nickel-plated trigger snap available in two sizes.


Nickel-Plated Steel, Swivel Trigger (lobster) Snap. Designed to attach bag straps, key fobs, and dog leads. These clasps have an easy to use trigger mechanism to open and close.

Measurements refer to to the dimensions of the loop (strap width)

Length 46.5mm

Width 23mm/26.5mm

Our Essentials range offers high-quality products at a cost-effective price point. These products may contain blemishes or marks. For example, the Nikel plating on an Essential product may have visible lines as to where they have joined the metal. On our Premium range, these lines would not be visible. All of our products both in the Essentials and Premium range are tested prior to shipping to ensure they pass quality control


16mm, 20mm