9mm PRYM Italy Spring Snaps Polished Cap

9mm Capped Highly Polished Solid Brass PRYM Spring Snaps


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This premium PRYM Italy polished cap spring snaps (also known as Segma or glove snaps) are made in a joint partnership by PRYM Italy and PRYM China. The face of the snap is manufactured in Italy from brass and is shipped to Asia for finishing. The finishing process consists of remaking the center rod to allow for two variations of material thickness (1.3/2.2mm) along with remaking the support rod from to hold the new brass clasp. Each part is then polished to a high standard and a protective varnish is applied, the result is a highly attractive and effective snap that will make your product stand out from the crowd.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, these snaps are a rarity within the western hemisphere.

Each set comes with the 4 required parts to make a set and is supplied in packs of 10 sets.

Please take note that these are the capped version and not the hidden PRYM Snaps which you can find here.

Important – You must use our PRYM Setter to set the snap, your current tool may not work. (You have been warned) 


  • Top Cap Diameter: 9.0mm
  • Post Diameter: 2mm
  • Max Leather Thickness: 1.3mm &2.2mm



1.3mm, 2.2mm


Gold, Silver, Gun Metal (Black)