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Every project I complete seems to leave me with an abundance of scrap leather crying out to be made into something useful. Today we will look at three leather craft ideas you can use to make the most of your leather scrap pile. You can download the PDF & SVG patterns for free using the link at the bottom of this post.

  1. Fridge Magnets
  2. Leather Covers For Fold Back Clips
  3. Leather Coasters

Leather Fridge Magnets

 Leather fridge magnet

A simple leather craft project which is great as a gift or for use in your own home. Not only can these be used to hold up your family photos or reminders on your fridge but they can also be useful in the studio, to keep your needle and pins organized.

Tools & Material Required

How To Make Leather Fridge Magnets Using The Free PDF Pattern

  1. Print and glue the pattern to card stock
  2. Cut the Pattern from the card stock
  3. Place a small amount of glue on the back of the pattern and wait for it to dry.
  4. Once dry place the pattern onto the leather and punch holes where shown.
  5. Continue to cut around the pattern until you can release the leather.
Cricut users start at step 6
  1. Remove the pattern and using a wing dividers mark a 3mm stitch line around one side, ensuring you mark the exterior.
  2. Using your stitching irons punch holes around the stitch line ensuring to align you start and stop holes.
  3. Using your glue spreader spread glue over the inside of the leather.
  4. Once the glue is tacky place the magnet in the center of one side and fold over the other ensuring the edges align.
  5. Apply a small amount of pressure while your glue sets.
  6. Once the glue has set, take your irons or an awl and punch through the same holes you previously made. Ensure your irons exit on the other side.
  7. Stitch together using saddle stitch technique
  8. Burnish the edges using a burnishing agent and edge burnishing tool.
  9. Place it on your fridge
Leather craft Ideas - Leather fridge magnets

The options are endless with these, you could add your logo or even add a message to a loved one. Just remember if you are going to stamp these you will need to do so before you insert the magnet.

Leather Covers For Fold Back Clips

leather craft ideas - fold back clip leather cover

Foldback clips are a great way of securing parts of your project during assembly. Sadly tho due to the nature of the clip and the fact it’s made from metal with a strong spring you are often left with marks on your leather. With this handy little covers which you can make from your scrap leather, you stop that from happening.

Tools & Material Required

  • Foldback Clip
  • Sharp Knife
  • Scrap Leather

How To Make Leather Covers For Your Foldback Clips

leather craft ideas - Fold Back leather cover
  1. Print and cut the included template (Depending on the size of your clips you may need to adjust the size of the pattern)
  2. Using scrap leather or in this case, we are using Salpa (bonded leather) cut around the pattern.
  3. You may find it easier to punch two small holes for the opening and join these by cutting along a ruler.
  4. Place on to your clips

How To Make Your Own Leather Coasters

Leather craft ideas - Leather Drink Coaster

Drinks coasters make for a brilliant gift, especially if you can personalize them to your taste. Many people are put off from making circular coasters as they offer more of a challenge in terms of cutting vs the square type. However, fear not we have a fix for you.

Tools & Material Required

  • 1.5-2mm Leather either Vegetable Tanned or Chrome Tanned
  • Edge Beveler in a size of your choice (Only applicable if you’re using Vegetable Tanned leather)
  • Burnishing agent
  • Edge Paint & Applicator (Only applicable if you’re using Chrome Tanned leather)
  • NT Cutter (Only needed if you are not using a Circut )
  • Optional personalized stamp

How To Make Leather Drinks Coasters Using A NT Cutter

As you can see from the above video its extremely simple to use the NT Cutter to cut a perfect circle, allowing you to make the most of those scraps.

If you’re unable to use or get hold of the NT Cutter and you own Cricut Maker or another machine capable of cutting leather you can always cut these using our templated provided.

  1. Cut a circle using your preferred method
  2. Stamp your pattern onto the coaster
  3. Edge finish by either burnishing Vegetable tanned or edge painting chrome tanned leather.
  4. Pour yourself a drink you deserve it

Hope you enjoyed these leather craft ideas for what to do with your scrap leather, please feel free to share with us what you have made from your scrap pile over on Instagram by tagging us @lintonleather

Download Your Free PDF Pattern Or Cricut Cut File