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WOW I just wanted to say a big thank you to the 100’s of people that participated in our Giveaway. I mean I know that the MBT Supersew is a great thread and to win £100 worth is an awesome prize however I never expected to get so many of you guys interested in winning it.

Before I go any further I just wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about what makes MBT thread such a good option when it comes to stitching leather. 

MBT Supersew is made by the Japanese company, Nagai Yoriito, which has manufactured thread for over 100 years. In fact, they actually developed the thread that NASA used on a Mars probe parachute. I mean come on
that is epic!

You may be thinking you recognize the name MBT when it comes to Japanese thread, well that’s because Nagai Yoriito also makes another thread called MBT Vinymo, however, is sold under a different company. In theory, these threads are identical however Vinymo offers a wider range of colors vs the 70 colors that Supersew offers. You may be asking yourself why you should pick Supersew over Vinymo? Honestly, the only reason is Supersew offers its full lineup of colors in all available sizes including #20 (0.3mm). Whereas Vinymo only offers Black and White in this fine thread size. For anyone making small high-end delicate products such as wallets and watch straps, this thread size is a must. 
MBT Supersew colours

So What is MBT thread? Well, basically it’s an in bonded Polyester thread that is ideal for use on machines and hand stitching. In bonded means that the thread is held in place using an internal adhesive that stops the thread from fraying or damage while stitching. (Something we have all experienced!)

Basically MBT Supersew is a good all-round thread and one that if you haven’t had the chance to test out yet you should seriously consider.

Ok, enough about the thread lets get back on with announcing the winner of our Giveaway.

Before I do tho I have some great news for everyone that participated, I am giving you all *20% off the entire store including this amazing thread. You will have to hurry tho as this one-off voucher will only last for 48 hours!

Ok ok, the winner is wizgha Well done we will be in contact shortly to arrange shipping.

Thank you to everyone who participated don’t forget you can use the code below for *20% off the entire store.


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*Premium Hardware and Pre-orders excluded from the 20% discount, only one discount code to be used per transaction. The 20% code can only be used once.